Problem with history

Pavel V. Knyazev pasha at
Thu Dec 8 12:18:00 UTC 2005


> gently:/var/lib/news# du -h --apparent-size history*
> 0       history
> 43      history.dir
> 58M     history.hash
> 39M     history.index
> However, should these files really be that big?

Do they look really big, huh?

5:15pm image:db> du -h history*
1,5G    history
2,0K    history.dir
143M    history.hash
190M    history.index
5:15pm image:db>

> And (more importantly) any idea why the expire process is failing?

The lack of the free space on HDD? Does it still fail?

> Thanks
> Andy

Pavel V. Knyazev

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