Perl Enabling / Disabling

John Konings john at
Fri Feb 11 19:20:04 UTC 2005


So if I read it correct then I must upgrade my perl version from RedHat 9.0
To the last stable. ??? Installing the perl filter that comes with INN and 
The INNreport also shall work fine with it.



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John Konings <john at> writes:

> Here the log

> --
> Server status:
> Server running
> Allowing remote connections
> Parameters c 10 i 50 (1) l 1000000 o 1011 t 300 H 2 T 60 X 0 normal
> specified
> Not reserved
> Readers separate enabled
> Perl filtering disabled
> --

> As you can see the perl filtering is disabled. And I also think that
> this Has to do with a other problem.

That probably just means you don't have a Perl filter installed.

> Innreport give my the next error on my terminal

> --
> [root at skully html]# /usr/lib/news/bin/innreport -f
> Error in /etc/news/innreport.conf line 11: must be 'section' instead of
> --

Let me guess -- Red Hat with Perl 5.6.0?  This problem is normally caused
by a a bug in that version of Perl.  You need to upgrade to a newer
version; there really isn't a good way to work around it that I know.

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