Christoph Biedl cbiedl at
Fri Jul 22 11:21:52 UTC 2005

Bernt Hansson wrote...

> I would like to enforce my own message-id:s when users post at our 
> server.

Don't do that. Really bad idea. The users might inject articles at other
servers, too. Worse: they run a local server and due to a configuration
error they re-post the entire spool to your server which will happily
forward them. With the new Message-ID your server has set. Thus the
world will see duplicate articles (dupes). Don't do that.

You might say that your users don't do such things. Don't trust it. Also
keep in mind that your setup may run for years and your successor in the
position of the news admin isn't aware of that trick at all. There have
been too many incidents in the past and dupe floods are a really nasty
thing. Just don't do that.

> Is it possible?

Yes. But I might have forgotten to tell that you shouldn't do that.


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