Perl authentification problem..

Jeffrey M. Vinocur jeff at
Fri Jul 29 01:35:35 UTC 2005

On Jul 28, 2005, at 9:33 AM, VincentF wrote:

> Is perl authentification in readers.conf only supported by INN 2.4 or
> later ? how about 2.3.5 ?

Yes, the integration of Perl in readers.conf (perl_auth and 
perl_access) is relatively new.  Older versions, like 2.3.5, have the 
ability to use Perl for authentication via the old inn.conf-based 
mechanism (used instead of readers.conf).

> I'm using FC3 and it's installed inn 2.3.5, so if I complie inn 2.4 
> from
> sources, will all posts in spool disappear ?

That's a tricky question, and probably depends on how you do it.

Just installing a new INN over the existing one is going to be hard, 
because your package-installed version probably has all the files in 
really weird places.  It certainly can be done, but you're going to 
have to be careful along the way.  If you're seriously considering 
this, I'd try to give more specifics.

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
jeff at

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