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Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Jun 6 04:13:06 UTC 2005

nyheter is still up and down, and it was down this afternoon at the time
when I wanted to start working on INN, so I took that as a sign and did
the Subversion conversion.

DNS is likely still propagating, but if it's caught up with you, you can
get to the Subversion repository via:


The latter is for human viewing; the former is suitable for pointing a
Subversion client at.  In other words, you can now do:

    svn co inn

to check out a copy of the trunk.  The repository accessed by those two
URLs is a public read-only copy of the actual repository and is updated
hourly (so you won't see new commits immediately).

Right now, I'm hosting the repository on one of my machines.  I'll talk to
Peter about whether it makes sense to leave it there or move it back to
ISC; I'd rather do the latter at some point so that I don't have to worry
about backups and the like, but it was easier for me to do the initial
conversion and tool setup on my own system.

Please note that the INN repository as converted by cvs2svn is more than
7,000 revisions, so don't go pointing svk at it as is.  I'm going to set
up something to generate periodic repository dumps that you can use to
seed an svk repository.  The repository follows the normal Subversion
trunk, branches, tags layout.  If you're not familiar with Subversion, the
place to start is:


I haven't put together all of the infrastructure.  In particular,
snapshots aren't there yet (although the public read-only repository makes
them somewhat less important), and I haven't done the extensive updates of
HACKING that are needed.  I will hopefully get to that shortly.

Folks who had CVS commit access to the ISC tree and want to have commit
access to the Subversion tree while I'm hosting it should contact me
privately for accounts.  Please send an ssh public key and PGP-sign your
message.  (That will, of course, all get simpler again if the repository
moves back to ISC, so if you're not planning on committing soon, it may be
easier to just wait for that.)

It's my intention to remove all of the generated files from Subversion in
the fairly near future in favor of making the snapshot generation process
much more intelligent, since I have to redo snapshots anyway.  This means
that people checking out from Subversion directly will need to run a
bootstrap script and have things like Autoconf and pod2man installed;
people who don't want the hassle can wait for a snapshot or release, which
will have all those files already pre-generated.

I think that's it for the moment.  Please feel free to ask questions.  :)

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