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I know you've fixed this already, but just for the record and for the

Reinfried O PETER <Reinfried.O.Peter at> writes:

> I have a very simple readers.conf, that is working well in most cases,
> but it doesn't work for abusers, which I want to block.  So what am I
> missing?

> My readers.conf ( is my own IP - for test purposes):

> auth all {
>     hosts: "*"
>     default: <LOCAL>
> }

> auth "abusers" {
>     hosts: ""
> }

This assigns an empty identity to connections from that IP address.

> access full {
>     newsgroups: "*, !junk,!control,!control.*"
>     access: RPAN
> }

This grants the above access to all identities, including the empty
identity.  If you inserted:

    users: "*"

in this block, I believe it would then do what you want, since "*" will
not match the empty identity.  The only thing that should match the empty
identity is an access block with no users setting at all.

This is not at all well-documented and probably isn't really the right
thing to do.

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