Disabling (part of the) timers ?

Christiaan den Besten chris at prolocation.net
Mon Jun 13 23:27:58 UTC 2005

Hi Rusty,

Using the -current of June the 9th wasn't working very well. I noticed today it had not been expiring any headers anymore since the 
update. A downgrade to 2.4.2 made me able to expire again.....

Is there any known upgrade-path to be followed, or is something broken?

Expire messages:
expire begin Mon Jun 13 11:52:41 CEST 2005: (-v1 -z/var/log/news/expire.rm)
    Expire errors: history files not updated.
    Article lines processed        0
    Articles retained              0
    Entries expired                0
    Articles dropped               0
expire end Mon Jun 13 11:52:41 CEST 2005

Unfortunately it does not mention 'what' error occured ....


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Christiaan den Besten <chris at prolocation.net> writes:

> Just for my info.

> 'svn co http://inn.eyrie.org/svn/branches/2.4' give me, CURRENT, or
> STABLE ? I assume CURRENT has more (untested?) patches ?

That's STABLE.  STABLE == the 2.4 branch.

CURRENT would be http://inn.eyrie.org/svn/trunk.

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