I can't send articles to the linux.* hierarchy

Gutierrez Ruesga, Irene gutierri at gestion.unican.es
Thu Mar 3 16:27:59 UTC 2005

Yes. I know it and for that reason I need help somebody to which has passed 
the same problem sometimes.


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Subject: Re: I can't send articles to the linux.* hierarchy

> On Mar 02, "Gutierrez Ruesga, Irene" <gutierri at gestion.unican.es> wrote:
>> I'm  trying putting it like moderator to moderators.isc.org and also with
>> moderators.bofh.it. They do not leave the server. The mail server sends
>> messages like:
> Your system is broken or misconfigured and is not able to send email.
> This is obviously not an INN problem.
> -- 
> ciao,
> Marco

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