News.daily takes 8 hours

Bernt Hansson bernt at
Thu Mar 10 14:45:52 UTC 2005

Christoph Biedl skrev:
> Bernt Hansson wrote...
>>What suggestions may you have if news.daily takes around 8 hours to 
> Every day or just this one? 

Every day.

 > Did your server die yesterday and it's a 2.3.x?

No it did not die. Yes 2.3.5

 > What's your hardware? How many groups does the server carry?

Dell GXa Pentium 2 233MHz 160 Mb ram. The active file from

Well. I've been running this setup on this machine before. Now I've 
added a FreeBSD ccd volume to hold the spool. Erasing the old spool and 

> Almost eight hours for 500k line is a nightmare. 


 > This should take a few minutes only.


 > Is there something in the log files?

What do I look for?

 > Tons of messages logged would explain that slow speed.

/news/log/news is 61182404 bytes
/news/log/news.notice is 6975365 bytes

>>     all done Thu Mar 10 12:30:33 CET 2005
>>     expireover start Thu Mar 10 12:30:38 CET 2005
>>     expireover end Thu Mar 10 12:44:55 CET 2005

> On the other hand this is quite fast unless you have just a few groups.

The active file from

>>Rebuild history & overview?
> I don't think this would help.
>     Christoph

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