Bug in authprogs/domain and doc/external-auth

Todd Olson tco2 at cornell.edu
Wed Mar 16 17:32:41 UTC 2005

At 20:27 -0500 2005-03-08, Jeffrey M.Vinocur wrote:
>Hi Todd -- thanks for the reports.  (Glad to see you're finally taking
>the plunge.)
>> The problem can be fixed by changing
> >        printf("User:%s", host);
>> to read
>>        printf("User:%s\n", host);
>I agree.  This is a result of nnrpd/perm.c:HandleProgInput calling "f"
>on each line but not on the trailing bit in the buffer if there is no
>terminal newline.  Given that doc/external-auth indicates the newline
>is expected, I'll fix domain.c in CVS.

Last night I examined the following three versions of INN

In all cases in domain.c the line mentioned above read
    printf("User:%s", host);

So this particular problem is still in the code base
right up to today.

Todd Olson

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