"SM can't cancel article with uninitialized method" in news.notice

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Tue Mar 22 08:10:41 UTC 2005

Dieter Bloms <dieter at bloms.de> writes:

> I've switched the storage format from cygbuf to tradspool.  The new
> newsarticles were stored in tradspoolformat and all works fine.

> But every night during the expire run I can see the follwing line:

> Mar 21 01:16:49 news03 fastrm[30109]: SM can't cancel article with uninitialized method

> So I stopped the server delete the histroy database and the overview
> tree and recreated it with "makehistory -O -F" and "makedbz -s `cat
> history | wc -l` -o.

> The server is up and worked well, but the message comes over and over
> again.

> Does anybody know what is wrong here ?

fastrm is trying to expire messages that were stored in the cycbufs.  You
need to add a cnfs stanza to storage.conf, even if you're not storing
anything in CNFS; you can set it up so that nothing goes into that storage
method, but the method has to be there in storage.conf (with the same
class number as before) for the rest of INN to be able to locate old
article tokens.

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