Storing parts of the readers.conf in separate files

Mikhail V. Golubev mvgolubev at
Sun Apr 2 08:21:27 UTC 2006


INN 2.4.2 (20040707 prerelease) installed on my server (FreeBSD-5.4).
I found some interesting feature in the INN documentation (in the file

=========== beginning of the citation ==============
Finally, the body of a group may be defined in a separate file.  To do
this, rather than writing the body of the group enclosed in {}, instead
give the file name in <>:
    group tag <filename>
(The filename is also a string and may be double-quoted if necessary, but
since file names rarely contain any of the excluded characters it's rarely
============ the end of the citation ==============

I'm trying to realize this feature in the readers.conf file.
For example there was this group in my readers.conf:

     auth "local users" {
          read: *
          post: "*, !, !"
          default: <local-user>

In according to documentation (see above) i created new file
/usr/local/news/etc/readers.local and put to them the body of this
group, i.e. this lines:
     read: *
     post: "*, !, !"
     default: <local-user>

In the readers.conf I wrote:
     auth "local users" </usr/local/news/etc/readers.local>
instead of old group.

But it does not work!
nnrpd returns syntax error in this line when parsing readers.conf
In the error-log file (~news/log/news.err) appears this entry:
...  syntax error in /usr/local/news/etc/readers.conf(397), Expected '{'

How i can store parts of the readers.conf in separate files?

P.S. sorry for my english

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