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Mon Apr 10 06:10:48 UTC 2006


On Sun, 9 Apr 2006, Russ Allbery wrote:

> Christian Kratzer <ck-lists at> writes:
>> were are running a single innd with both readers and
>> peers on the same machine and have separated them to
>> different ips.
>> We would now like for stats purposes to enforce that
>> readers connect to the reader ip  and peers can only
>> connect to the other ip but can't seem to do this with
>> a single inn.
>> What we would ideally like to do is set noreaders
>> in innd and only bind our feeder ip in the inn.
>> We would then like to run something that binds
>> our reader ip and forks the nnrpds.
>> Ayn ideas ?
> You've pretty much outlined the solution.  To implement that in INN, set
> noreader in inn.conf and set bindaddress to the IP address you want to use
> for peers.  Then, run nnrpd from an inetd equivalent that supports setting
> the bind address, and bind it to the other IP address.  In the past, I've
> used tcpserver (from <> for this, but I
> expect xinetd will work just as well.

thats what I had in mind but I was concernded nnrpd would
not handle authentication when started this way.

Do you see any caveats from running nnrpd directly using 
-b address -D ?



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