File conversion

Gary Lopez gary at
Wed Apr 19 23:46:21 UTC 2006

	I have searched the archives and the web in vain. Maybe someone here 
can help me. We recently had our newsgroup server stolen and all the 
information is gone.
	Luckily there are some replicas of the information we had in the 
newsgroup in personal e-mail accounts. Some of these e-mails date back 
to 2002. The person has over 15,000 e-mails in their Microsoft Outlook 
folder. We can copy the folder but how can I get these messages back 
into the newsgroup while maintaining the date-stamp? Does anyone know of 
a tool or script that can do this? I can even change the file to a 
thunderbird file if I needed to, but can I get this one file to be read 
into the newsgroup?

Any suggestions or questions to help me solve this are welcome.
Gary D Lopez
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