Validate history file contents.

Christiaan den Besten chris at
Sun Apr 30 19:48:56 UTC 2006

Hi !

>> They won't be deleted from history as long as they're in CNFS.
>If you really want it to be, you can use the -N flag for expire.

Thought the same here. Running with "/usr/local/news/bin/news.daily flags='-v3 -N' expireover expireoverflags='-N -s' lowmark" at 
the moment ..

> But of
>course, that means your CNFS buffers are needlessly large and are wasting

Well .. the whopping 160Gb's of storage for the full-text server is nothing compared to the space we have allocated for the binary 
feed, so that's not realy an issue.

I suppose i could just create a scripts that converts all the history file's MessageID's back to the form INN understands, and 
verify (with HEAD requests) that all articles are still in the CNFS buffer.


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