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Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Sat Aug 26 06:12:56 UTC 2006

Nicholas von Waltsleben <nicvw at korbitec.com> writes:

> That was about a month ago and everything has been running smoothly
> since then. Yesteryday the person who monitors the newsgroup informed me
> that in Outlook Express it is reporting that there are in excess of
> 47000 messages on the server when in actual fact there are about 7800.

> If you right click on the newsgroup in Outlook and look in the
> properties it reports that there are 7800 odd messages, I can replicate
> this on my desktop and am stumped as to what is causing it.

> Is there anywhere on the server that this would be generated or
> something I can run to reconcile the reported number of messages with
> the actual number? I have thought about generating the history files
> again but that is just an absolute stab in the dark and I don't feel
> like going through all our stringent change control procedures based on
> a hunch :)

It wouldn't be the history file; it would be the overview database.
That's what stores the number of articles in a group.  However, it's
regenerated each night.

Try telnetting to the server and entering:

    GROUP newsgroup.name

and see what it returns in terms of high, low, and count for the group.
See if they make sense.  That will establish whether this is an INN
problem or an Outlook problem somehow.

If you set nnrpdcheckart to true (if it isn't already), that may also
clear up some of this.  I'm not sure.  It depends on what's causing it.

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