nnrp answer to listgroup of empty group

Andreas Vogt a_vogt at gaia.de
Mon Jan 30 13:15:23 UTC 2006

Hi everyone,

(INN 2.4.2)

is it supposed to be o.k. to get

411 No such group xx.yy.zz

when asking

listgroup xx.yy.zz

to nnrpd/inn and having this group but no articles (empty group)?

group xx.yy.zz
211 0 0 0 xx.yy.zz

so readers.conf works well.

MS Entourage for Mac uses "listgroup" and deletes this group on reader as
it  isn't available (No such group).
After posting a single message in such an empty group, entourage works
well and gets right answers.

Can I swicth "listgroup" extension off?
How can I fix this?

Bye and thanks


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