script to move most of include/*.h to include/inn/*.h

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Nov 19 19:53:50 UTC 2006

Adam J Richter <adam at> writes:

> 	The following shell script, if executed in the top level of
> the inn-CURRENT-20061118 source tree, moves all but one of the header
> files currently in include/ to include/nntp/, and updates references to
> these files.  The exception is include/nntp.h, since there is already
> a different include/nntp/nntp.h.

Same comment here -- many of those headers don't export clean interfaces
and need far more work than this.  Like proper shared library versioning,
this is one of those things that I'm holding off on doing something simple
and partial with because it doesn't solve the real underlying problems and
just gives the impression that something that isn't really supported
should work.

For example, the current nntp.h header needs to go away completely and be
replaced with the one in inn/nntp.h.

I'm sorry with the lack of progress on this; my free time to work on INN
has been seriously reduced of late and many things that I thought would be
done long ago are sadly still undone.  But even in that situation, giving
the impression that it's a good idea to package the INN development
environment and use it for other programs is not something I want to do;
there are a bunch of more subtle problems waiting to bite you.

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