-T option to actsync in INN 2.4.3 doesn't work

Jeffrey M. Vinocur jeff at litech.org
Tue Oct 17 12:36:50 UTC 2006

On Tue, 17 Oct 2006, Mike Brudenell wrote:

> Could I take a liberty and briefly ask your advice about something  
> else?  

Sure.  I'm going to CC this onto the inn-workers at isc.org mailing list to 
keep everyone else involved; in the future there (or news.software.nntp) 
are the places for such things.

> [ just moved from INN 2.1 CNFS to INN 2.4.3 CNFS/buffindexed ]
> > expireover start Tue Oct 17 00:00:54 BST 2006: ( -z/usr/local/news/ 
> > log/expire.rm -Z/usr/local/news/log/expire.lowmark)
> > Can't unlink @03016362303200000000001E5FA900000001@: read only  
> > storage api
> > Can't unlink @03016362303200000000001E754800000001@: read only  
> > storage api
> > Can't unlink @03016362303200000000001E87EB00000001@: read only  
> > storage api
> >     ... and LOTS more lines like this ...

Well, that's definitely not supposed to be happening!  There two funny 
things to my mind, one of which is that nothing should really be expired 
under CNFS until it rolls over itself, and the other is that if something 
really does try to delete an article early, it should work without 

I'm not even sure where to start investigating, but can we see your 
storage.conf and expire.conf?  And for humor value, there's a handy little 
utility that will confirm for us that these are CNFS articles in question; 
go into your INN source tree (not the installed home directory, but the 
original source), and run

    echo @03016362303200000000001E87EB00000001@ | perl contrib/showtoken.in 

on a couple of the storage tokens from your news.daily report.

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
jeff at litech.org

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