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Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Fri Oct 27 21:05:44 UTC 2006

Stefan Riemer wrote:

>I've problems accessing articles by using sm as well as getting them through nnrpd.
>I could use grephistory an get the articles token from the history, the articles are readable in the spool (tradspool), but if I want to access them by using "sm @05000000002B000002DA0000000000000000@" I got 
>sm: could not retrieve @05000000002B000002DA0000000000000000@
>>From nnrpd I get in the syslog:
>Oct 25 23:35:07 [nnrpd] SM could not find token type or method was not initialized (5)
>Posting works fine, the articles arrive in the spool and in the history, an the active file is updated as well. No other log anywhere.
>I've rebuild the history and the overview, whith no result.
>(Problem is global, all articles are affected)
>Any ideas?

Post your storage config and version of the application and o/s. Did you 
build all the parts of this at the same time from the same source? I 
haven't seen anything like this, but the first thing which came to mind 
was bizarre behaviour when I was working with a Linux system and someone 
tried to use the package which came with the distribution after build a 
standard version from source.

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