PATCH: Diablo-style hashfeeds

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Tue Aug 7 22:50:45 UTC 2007

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Julien ÉLIE  <julien at> wrote:
>En reponse a Miquel van Smoorenburg :
>>>I answer to a message dating back to June, 1st 2005:
>> No nothing new yet .. but the development version of diablo now
>> has 2 versions of the hashing, old-style and new-style. If I can
>> make some time, I'll try to update the patch so that it can
>> work with both old-style and new-style hashing (new-style is better).
>Thanks a lot.
>But why not only providing the new-style hashing since it is better?
>(in terms of time performance?  better distribution of articles?)

Well, the old hash, called QuickHash, is a simple home-brewn hash
that doesn't really have a perfect distribution as you guessed,
but it is fast - doesn't use too much CPU.

As CPUs are a lot faster today, the diablo developers decided to
switch to a real hashing function, so now it is based on MD5
if I'm not mistaken.

However the release version of Diablo is still 5.0, with only
the old quickhash. The new hashing function is part of 5.1 which
today only exists as an alpha CVS snapshot. It has been like
this for years, diablo development has mostly stopped alas.
Still a lot of people run 5.1 snapshots (I do).

So for compatibility reasons it would be a good idea to support
both. The added code complexity is minimal.

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