Bootstrapping INN

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Wed Jul 18 14:19:07 UTC 2007

Answering again to myself:
> I am trying to bootstrap INN 2.5 but there is a problem with:
> make[1]: entrant dans le répertoire « /home/news/snapshots/svn/trunk/innfeed »
> bison -y -d configfile.y
> mv config_y.h
> mv config_y.c
> : configfile.l

> And in config.log, I have:
> LEX=':'
> Is it normal (on a Debian Etch) or should something be fixed
> in the Makefile?

In fact, autoconf puts ':' instead of '' in programs.m4 (AC_PROG_LEX),
which triggered that error.
I only had to install flex to get rid of it.

So, no problem now.  The bootstrapping works very well.
Sorry for the disturbance.

Julien ÉLIE

« J'aurais pu faire forêt comble. » (Astérix) 

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