history/dbz limits

Maarten Thibaut mthibaut at cisco.com
Sat Mar 24 00:19:48 UTC 2007


I'm wondering about the limits for the size of the history file and the 
DBZ index for it. We use inn as an archive server for email lists and news 

Compiled as a 32 bit app with largefiles enabled:

$ makehistory -F -O -s 200000000
makehistory: dbz: getcore: read failed: Invalid argument
makehistory: openhashtable: getcore failure: Invalid argument
makehistory: can't dbzfresh /etc/operator/db/history Invalid argument
makehistory: dbzclose: not opened!
makehistory: can't dbzclose /etc/operator/db/history Invalid argument
makehistory: cannot open /etc/operator/db/history: Invalid argument

So I decided to compile it as a 64 bit app (Solaris), and then I don't get 
this problem so I decided to use a larger size argument which is closer to 
our future needs:

$ makehistory -F -O -s 1000000000
makehistory: dbzsync: putcore failed
makehistory: can't dbzclose /etc/operator/db/history Invalid argument
makehistory: cannot close history file: Invalid argument

So are the limits known for 32 and 64 bit or can I easily calculate them? 
I can use trial and error, but knowing the hard limits sounds like a good 
idea so we can plan for it...


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