add new group

Drew usernumber1000 at
Tue May 8 16:31:15 UTC 2007


I recently took over maintenance of an innd instance.  I'm new to this.  I created a new group w/ 

 ctlinnd newgroup toplevel.newgroup

and restarted inn, but could not see it as a group in my news client.  I did not see a dir created in /path/to/archives/dir/toplevel, that I see for other groups.   Unsure why this was not created.  I created it, as a test, but was still unable to see this group in my news client. 

readers.conf is allowing access, and I don't see anywhere in /etc/news where my previous groups are being defined or controlled.  

Have I missed a step here?  What do I need to do to allow this group to be created and used.



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