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Drew usernumber1000 at
Tue May 8 16:54:10 UTC 2007

Thank you for your reply.  Here is the readers.conf, w/ my ip and tld sanitized.  

# grep -v \# readers.conf | egrep '[a-z]|\}'
auth "localhost" {
    hosts: "localhost,, stdin"
    default: "<localhost>"
access "localhost" {
    users: "<localhost>"
    newsgroups: "*,!junk,!control,!control.*"
    access: RPA
auth "local" {
        hosts: "x.x.x.x/14"
        default: "<local>@toplevel"
access "local" {
    newsgroups: "*,!junk,!control,!control.*"
        access: RPA

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Drew <usernumber1000 at> writes:

> I recently took over maintenance of an innd instance.  I'm new to this.
> I created a new group w/

>  ctlinnd newgroup toplevel.newgroup

> and restarted inn, but could not see it as a group in my news client.  I
> did not see a dir created in /path/to/archives/dir/toplevel, that I see
> for other groups.  Unsure why this was not created.

It's never created until the first message is posted to the group.  This
part doesn't matter.

> readers.conf is allowing access, and I don't see anywhere in /etc/news
> where my previous groups are being defined or controlled.

> Have I missed a step here?

No.  That's all you have to do.  Chances are that your readers.conf isn't
actually allowing access even though you believe that it is.  Can we see a
copy of it?

Also, be sure that you've refreshed your group list in the client.  Some
don't pick up changes very quickly.

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