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Drew usernumber1000 at
Tue May 8 17:45:36 UTC 2007

I sent a few test messages to the group, connected to 119 and was able to "group toplevel.newgroup",  see the group in a list, see my test messages in "listgroup toplevel.newgroup" and read messages w/ "article <msgid>".  I'll assume at this point the new grp is setup and functioning correctly.  

So this is a problem w/ my mail reader and not the server, so I'll close this thread.   Thanks a lot for the assistance and time. 


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Drew <usernumber1000 at> writes:

> Thank you for your reply.  Here is the readers.conf, w/ my ip and tld
> sanitized.

> # grep -v \# readers.conf | egrep '[a-z]|\}'
> auth "localhost" {
>     hosts: "localhost,, stdin"
>     default: "<localhost>"
> }
> access "localhost" {
>     users: "<localhost>"
>     newsgroups: "*,!junk,!control,!control.*"
>     access: RPA
> }
> auth "local" {
>         hosts: "x.x.x.x/14"
>         default: "<local>@toplevel"
> }
> access "local" {
>     newsgroups: "*,!junk,!control,!control.*"
>         access: RPA
> }

Hm, okay, that looks fine.

Try telnet <news-server> nntp, and then once you've connected, send:

    GROUP <group-name>

where <group-name> is the name of the new group that you created.  What

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