Proposing peer Network support and software support

Robert Joosten robert at
Wed Oct 3 17:40:41 UTC 2007


> Look as if port 119 operators are getting rare.

Yeah, most commercial ISP outsource news and .edu's stopped carrying 
usenet. But at the same time, most 100+ rated sites at anthologeek (aka 
frenix aka peer with eachother and it's hard getting in 
between. Besides that: most admin's direct feed requests coming from 
individuals that say they are developers to /dev/null. It seems usenet is 
big business nowadays.

> Still the new policy is that I am ready to peer with anyone
> as long as all entries on a push-push basis is correct.
> So yes to the peer.

Okay I send you a mail separately with my detals, not to trash this list.

Kind regards,


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