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Sun Apr 6 07:43:35 UTC 2008


Reading the LICENSE file, I saw:

   lib/tst.c, include/inn/tst.h and doc/pod/tst.pod are derived from
   <> and are under the new BSD
   license (no advertising clause), but with Peter A. Friend as the
   copyright holder.

and found out that a new 1.4 version was released last year:

    It adds a new option for the Mongrel URI Classifier maintainers.
    The insert routine has been slightly restructured and a new option
    TST_SUBSTRING_MATCH added for the search function.  So if the trie
    contains the strings "test" and "testing", a search for "testin" with
    this option will return the entry for "test".  Basically, the most complete
    substring found is returned. Another optional parameter to the search
    function returns the length of the match. All docs (as well as CWEB docs)
    are in the tst.pdf file.  This is the first update to this library in
    over 7 years, and there is a lot that still needs updating.

In lib/tst.c, I see:

    **  This implementation is based on the implementation by Peter A. Friend
    **  (version 1.3), but has been assimilated into INN and modified to use INN
    **  formatting conventions.  If new versions are released, examine the
    **  differences between that version and version 1.3 (which was checked into
    **  INN as individual files in case it's no longer available) and then apply
    **  the changes to this file.

Therefore I have two questions:

-> is there somewhere an exact list of all the external libraries/programs
   used by INN?  It would be easier to check for updates!

-> seeing the comment for the tst, should original versions be checked into INN
   (I do not see tst 1.3 by the way) and if it is the case, where?

Julien ÉLIE

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