Draft of changes in 2.4.4

Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Sun Apr 13 09:09:15 UTC 2008


> Here is a suggestion for the section "Changes in 2.4.4" in the NEWS file.
> As usual, feel free to correct its wording and also to add other changes
> or remove some of them.
> * If compiling with Berkeley DB, use its ndbm compatibility layer for
> ckpasswd in preference to searching for a traditional dbm library.
> INN also supports Berkeley DB 4.4 thanks to Marco d'Itri.

And 4.6.

The new changes since the draft have been:

* scanlogs now rotates innfeed's log file, which prevents innfeed
from silently dying when its log file reaches 2 GB.

* inews now tries to authenticate if it does not receive a 200 return
code after MODE READER.  Indeed, it might be able to post even with
a 201 return code and also with another codes like 440 or 480.

* Some news clients hang when posting an article through a SSL connection:
it seems that nnrpd's SSL routines make it wrongly wait for data
completion.  In order to fix the problem, the select() wait is now
just bypassed.  However, the IDLE timer stat is currently not collected
for such connections.  Thanks to Kachun Lee for this workaround.

* Some annoying assertion failures occurring in innfeed have been fixed
by Russ Allbery.

Julien ÉLIE

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