innfeed, bindaddress, force-ipv4, ipv6 [was: Re: Draft of changes in 2.4.4]

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Tue Apr 15 06:56:52 UTC 2008

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Miquel van Smoorenburg <list-inn-workers at> wrote:
>The best fix would be to make sure that both bindaddress and
>bindaddress6 work simultaneously, using bindaddress for IPv4
>peer addresses and bindaddress6 for IPv6 peer addresses. If a
>peer has IPv6 addresses, and at least one of them works, never
>fall back to IPv4. If none of the IPv6 addresses work, do fall
>back to IPv4. Next, make innfeed reckognize "bindaddress: none"
>and "bindaddress6: none" config settings instead of yet another
>config item like force-ipv4 / force-ipv6.

Hmm, I sent a reply to this message that included a patch
yesterday, but where did it go ?

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