mailpost woes

Nick Couchman Nick.Couchman at
Tue Apr 22 20:06:12 UTC 2008

Hey, Everyone: 
I'm trying to get mailpost to feed e-mail messages to my newsgroups.  I've got the news side of things set up correctly - I can post mail from a remote host using a news reader on port 119, and I can post mail from the localhost using any user and the "inews" program.  mailpost, however, is not being so nice.  I have the following alias in my /etc/aliases file (using Postfix): 
project-news:             "|/usr/lib/news/bin/mailpost -d seakr seakr.projects.project" 
When I send an e-mail, postfix receives and accepts it and sends it to the mailpost command.  After that, however, there is no trace of the message.  The mailpost command seems to accept the message (it doesn't return an error to Postfix), but there is no record of the news server having received it and no error messages indicating where it went.  So, I decided to create the following alias and enable mailpost debugging to try to figure out what's going on: 
project-news:              "|/usr/lib/news/bin/mailpost -d seakr seakr.projects.project > /tmp/mailpost.log 2>&1" 

The mailpost.log file ends up with a lot of stuff in it, but the first couple of lines are really what's interesting: 

To: news 
Subject: mailpost failure (seakr.projects.project): inews failed: Path:!Nick.Couchman 

What's interesting is that there's no reason for failure given (that I can see, anyway - the Subject... line just contains all of the headers and the body of the message and doesn't ever give a reason why inews failed.  Could anyone help me out on this - it's driving me nuts! 


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