GROUP command and NFS readers

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sun Aug 24 11:14:11 UTC 2008


> I think the GROUP command is broken for NFS readers:
> * we do not have the right count in the reply;

I have just realized that the count is only an estimate so we do not need
to be more accurate.

> * the condition "ARTlow + innconf->nfsreaderdelay > ARThigh"
>   seems very weird...  Adding an article number to a time in seconds!
>   I have checked SVN logs and this code have been the same since
>   the beginning.  Well, I believe it works if, and only if, the
>   group did not receive more than 1 art/second during the last
>   nfsreaderdelay seconds.

I added a comment to the source code to mention it.

> Furthermore, there is something I do not understand with nfsreaderdelay.
> Only GROUP and NEWNEWS implement it (if I ask news from 10h00 with NEWNEWS,
> it is converted to 09h59 with a delay of 1 minute).
> Is it useless to add support for nfsreaderdelay elsewhere?

I added a comment to the inn.conf man page.

Julien ÉLIE

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