INN commit: trunk/nnrpd (article.c group.c list.c nnrpd.c nnrpd.h)

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Mon Aug 25 05:55:09 UTC 2008

Hi Russ,

>> I do not see in RFC 2980 that XHDR (and also XPAT and XOVER)
>> should behave this way:  "42-12" => "42-".
>> Therefore, while implementing LISTGROUP, I switched to the
>> proper expansion such a range.
> I'd change them all to match.  The RFC is very clear:
>    In the last case, if the second number is less than the first number,
>    then the range contains no articles.
> and I really doubt that anyone is relying on the current behavior.

All right, it is also what I was thinking.
This new behaviour is now implemented for everything that uses a range.

By the way, is it OK not to strictly parse the range?

I mean:

LISTGROUP newsgroup LETTERS  => 0- (everything)
LISTGROUP newsgroup 12ABC    => 12-
LISTGROUP newsgroup 1ABC2    => 1-
LISTGROUP newsgroup 12-ABC   => 12-0 (thus, nothing)
LISTGROUP newsgroup -12      => 0-12
LISTGROUP newsgroup 1-2-3    => 1-2

Are all of these responses OK?  Or must a 501 answer code be returned?
(it is not specified in the RFC what to do in case the range is wrong...
yet, I saw that wildmat searches could be interpreted if they are not
syntactically correct)

Same question for:

      [C] ARTICLE at no.angle.brackets
      [S] 501 Syntax error

We currently have:

      423 Bad article number

Should it answer 501 instead?
As well as:

ARTICLE <noclosingbracket  (which currently returns "430 No such article")
ARTICLE 12abc              (not 12?)

Julien ÉLIE

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