INN commit: trunk/nnrpd (article.c group.c list.c nnrpd.c nnrpd.h)

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sun Aug 31 15:10:23 UTC 2008

Hi Russ,

> This is another one of those bits where it's mostly a question of whether
> it's helpful to accept random stuff and make a good guess at what it was
> supposed to mean, or whether it's better to be strict and give an error
> message.  My inclination would be to keep supporting -12, which is one of
> those things that feels like "should" be part of the protocol even if it
> isn't.  The rest seem like syntax errors to me, and I'm not sure we're
> doing anyone any favors by blindly applying scanf.

All right.
501 is now returned for such syntax errors.

We now support the range definition of RFC 3977 with the addition that
"-12" is a valid syntax for "0-12".
We also accept "-" for "0-".  I hope it is all right (it looks good and

>> ARTICLE at no.angle.brackets
>< ARTICLE <noclosingbracket
>> ARTICLE 12abc
> Yes, 501 seems more appropriate for both of those to me.

That is what they answer now.

Julien ÉLIE

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