New INN Trac installation

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Dec 14 02:17:48 UTC 2008

I've finally gotten a chance to install Trac for INN development.  You can
view the Trac installation at:

I plan on making this in the near future.  The old ViewVC
links on (and therefore soon on point to
the Trac browser instead, which will break old links -- let me know if you
think this is going to be a problem.  I decided that since Trac has a
perfectly decent code browser, there wasn't a good reason to maintain two
of them.

Currently, my account is the only account.  Julien and Jeff, send me mail
with your preferred password and I'll create accounts.  It's just using
HTTP basic authentication right now.  The password isn't particularly
high-value, but I will set you up with Trac administrative privileges.

Anyone else here who's going to be submitting a lot of bugs should
eventually get an account, but I want to hold off on that for right now
until we get the transition done, and maybe put up a form or something
that can partly automate that.  My inclination is to require one have an
account to create tickets because I've seen the degree of spam that other
projects have had to deal with when the ticket submission is more
generally open.

Currently, Trac is pointing at a copy of the INN repository from earlier
today, and there's no live link to the current repository.  This is
because I'm going to move the repository to the new system as well once I
go live with this and make it  I'll do one more sync before
that happens to pick up any changes.  For those with commit access, the
repository is now going to be in /srv/svn/inn instead of /work.

The read-only Subversion mirror at should
already be working, as should

I'm going to start populating the bug database with all the stuff that
I've been accumulating in my mail client for the last five years.  I'm
likely to add a few things that have already been fixed as part of that
process.  It'll be a good test of the bug system.

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