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Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Dec 27 18:23:23 UTC 2008

The Doctor <doctor at> writes:

> test suite no working properly.

> Hmm...

I'm not sure I spelled this out in sufficient detail, but I suspect some
of your problems may be demonstrated by this.  The test suite checks
fairly basic underlying functionality, which could be affecting all sorts
of things in INN.

The last time you posted your test suite results, it looked like you
weren't getting prototypes for strlcat and strlcpy, which means the return
values are going to be mangled.  I don't know off-hand anywhere in INN
that uses the return values, but that's a bad sign.

As I recall, you're using one of the less common BSD variants.  I don't
know where strlcpy and strlcat are prototyped on your system, but I assume
that they are somewhere since they're apparently present in your libc.
Figuring out what header file needs to be included to get proper
prototypes is the first thing I'd try.

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