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I put server A in server B's incoming.conf and infeed.conf as a peer. I also put server B in server A's incoming.conf and infeed.conf. I changed the port-number in innfeed.conf to 563, since I'm using SSL abd have started nnrpd as a daemon that listen on that port. Still, the servers don't seem to pass articles to each other. What am I missing?


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I think what he's implying is that you put you new server as a peer of your old server and fire up the feed. The old server should connect to the new server and feed it all the articles that exist in the spool (since the new server would be a virgin server). Hopefully that was the intent of your question.

If you're asking how you'd keep the article numbering the same across the two news servers, that is a different story.

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	How do the two servers communicate? Over what port? Can you provide a sample config for newsreaders that will transfer all posted articles?
	Thanks, Brad 
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	> What config files have to be modified to get two servers to 
	> synchronize (i.e., automatically exchange articles that have been 
	> posted to them, so that the articles posted to one are available on 
	> the other, and vice versa)? My configuration includes the use of SSL, 
	> if that makes any difference.
	You don't need to use SSL at all.
	Let's name your two servers A and B.
	Configure in A newsfeed for B and vice versa in your newsfeeds file, fire them up and then you're set. 
	Marc Stürmer 

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