Problems posting articles when server is paused

Ray Banana rayban at
Sat Jul 19 07:23:16 UTC 2008


I have come across a nasty problem when people try to post while the 
server is paused for some reason.

My setup:

Feeder server as Xref master with reader servers.
The feeder server is the nnrpdposthost for the reader servers.
nnrpd is running as a standalone daemon on all servers.

Whenever the xref master server is paused when users try to post,
the client connection will eventually time out, telling the users that 
their post failed, while the article has actually been queued and will 
be accepted as soon as innd is un-paused again.

Users will then try to re-send the failed posting and effectively send 
the same articles over and over again.

Is there some setting I can use to prevent this highly disruptive 
problem (other than setting spoolfirst = true)?

If there isn't, is this behaviour desired or is it a bug?

I have reproduced this problem by just sending a ctlinnd pause '' to 
innd and then trying to post and I did not see the queued article show 
up in $pahtspool/outgoing. Where is this article actually queued and how 
long does nnrpd wait for innd to accept the article before it puts it in 
the outgoing directory for rnews to process it later on?

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