Issue tracking system for INN

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Fri Jul 25 21:14:42 UTC 2008


As we already discussed it, an issue/bug tracking system would be great for INN.
Russ will soon have the possibility to host it.

However, what software should be installed?

A requirement is its availability as a Debian package in stable.
(And maybe the language used by the software -- it would be weird to
suggest jsp or aspx pages and lead Russ to install an application server
for that...  I believe very good issue tracking systems exist outside
these languages !)

So the main thing is to know what we need.  I for one see:

* generic functions expected from such a software (attachments, monitoring
  an issue, priority for issues, history, relationships, etc.);
* SVN integration;
* support for a roadmap and milestones;
* support for reporting capabilities (graphs or exports for instance):
* a nice interface (although it is subjective);
* an easy-to-use interface;
* possibility to parameter the tracking system (editing categories, custom
  fields, etc.);
* notifications by e-mails (to inn-bugs@ or elsewhere?).

I do not see the need for a wiki (often shipped with such software) because
we already have too much documentation to maintain...
(Unless it can encourage people to contribute to INN's documentation?
man pages or compendium regarding its architecture...)

Now we have to find a good software.
Of course there is Trac <> which is a great tool,
robust and well known.
There is also Mantis <> which also looks great,
with a fresher interface than Trac.  But perhaps a bit young.

Feel free to post your feedback as for such softwares.

Thanks beforehand,

Julien ÉLIE

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