DESTDIR support is broken (patch)

Ivan Shmakov oneingray at
Sun Jun 1 07:22:42 UTC 2008

>>>>> Julien ÉLIE <julien at> writes:

 >> One could still do relative links, they need not be in the same
 >> directory (think "..") - something along the lines of:

 >> - $(LN_S) $(MAN8)/docheckgroups.8 $D$(MAN5)/localgroups.5
 >> - $(LN_S) $(MAN8)/perl-nocem.8 $D$(MAN5)/nocem.ctl.5
 >> + $(LN_S) ../man8/docheckgroups.8 $D$(MAN5)/localgroups.5
 >> + $(LN_S) ../man8/perl-nocem.8 $D$(MAN5)/nocem.ctl.5

 > Thanks, Matija.  I have just changed that.  It is proper.

	But please note that the code above silently assumes that both
	$(MAN5) and $(MAN8) are subdirectories of a common directory and
	their ``base'' names are `man5' and `man8', respectively.  If
	for whatever reason the user building INN would set these any
	other way, the `make install' step would happily and without any
	error create a couple of dangling symlinks:

$ LC_ALL=C make MAN5=/foo/bar MAN8=/baz/qux install 2>&1 \
      | tee install.out 

	Thus, it's worthwhile to mention the assumption made at least in
	the code comments.  A better solution would be to check whether
	the assumption is actually satisfied and, if it isn't, to fall
	back creating absolute symbolic links (as was done before.)

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