readers.conf with python_access and python_auth

David Hláčik david at
Sat Jun 7 19:05:50 UTC 2008

Julien i have investigated problem,
seems like access method and authenticate method can not be located in
same file , i have created with access
method only and with authenticate method only.
I will see in log :
python: n_a access() invoked: hostname,
ipaddress, interface, user boss
Jun  7 17:23:06 dev01 nnrpd[1378]: python: acess groups defined

Alltought, what i am getting in my Windows Mail on windows vista now is :

Windows Mail was unable to retrieve list of newsgroups located on
server message ,
with error string called wird  =========BACKTRACE==================
What does it means?

And how it is possible that is shiped as a sample with
both auth and access when it needs to be in separated files, can it be
bug of inn2.4.3 which i am using on Centos 5.1?


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