Refreshing Python filters?

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sun Jun 8 17:02:34 UTC 2008

Hi David,

> unbelievable you just solved my really stressing problem and you
> helped me a lot!

I am glad to have been of help!

> def authenticate(self, attributes):
>        import commands
>        syslog('notice', commands.getoutput("ls -l"))
> As you can see it will hang on import commands part in authenticate
> method and not continue .
> Please if you will have time look at this , i have solved whole my
> problem with import ldap .. by calling another python script as
> command inside my authenticate method. It works OK, but is not "clean"
> and "satisfied" solution for my. This is a big problem also in order
> to be able use python hooks in INN reasonably.

You know what?
I have been struggling with that too since my last mail and I have found out
that if you put your "import commands" at the *beginning* of your Python script
(and not inside the authenticate method), it will work!

Jun  8 18:55:27 news nnrpd[27348]: python: total 16 drwxrwxr-x   6 news news 4096 2007-05-08 21:59 control

> But, anyway , if you were reading my postings carefully i promised
> that i will send a cans of Czech Beer
> ( using post service. So if you will
> send me your postal adress on my mail, i will deliver a package within
> 2 weeks ( i am serious )

Yep, I indeed read it.  Well, I am not accustomed to drinking beek but
maybe my brother would like it.
You aren't obliged to send me beer you know; I am only here to help
and my reward is that you eventually manage to do what you are scheduling to.

Julien ÉLIE

« Nul n'entre ici s'il n'est géomètre. » (Platon)

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