History not working

Marc Stürmer mail at marc-stuermer.de
Thu Jun 12 06:54:57 UTC 2008


I've got a problem recently starting up INN 2.4.4:

it gives me only this:

Jun 12 08:50:00 iss innd: dbz: wrong of_t size (14)
Jun 12 08:50:00 iss innd: dbzinit: getconf failure
Jun 12 08:50:00 iss innd: can't dbzinit /usr/local/news/db/history
Numerical argument out of domain

I did before makehistory and makedbz before, still not working. OS is
Gentoo stable. 

What else could/should be done to make it running again? I am at a loss
there right now. 

Marc Stürmer <mail at marc-stuermer.de>

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