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Julien ÉLIE julien at
Fri Jun 20 16:50:49 UTC 2008

Hi David,

> as virtualhost is access value i have added to readers.conf
> access "polarion" {
>         virtualhost: ""
> }

Shouldn't ["virtualhost":""] be added by your Python
access script?

> But this scenario is not working. I have also tried add parameter
domain: to
> inn.conf , but again without result.

If you change inn.conf, you have to restart innd with:
    ctlinnd xexec innd

In fact, virtualhost: expects a boolean in readers.conf.  The man page
is not accurate (contrary to INN 2.3).
Could you please try "true" or "1"?

See the beginning and the end of this paragraph:



    Set this TO TRUE to make nnrpd behave as if it's running on a server
with a different name than it actually is.  If you set this parameter,
you must also set either pathhost: or domain: to something different
than is set in inn.conf.  All articles displayed to clients will then
have their Path: and Xref: headers altered to appear to be from the
server named in pathhost: or domain: (whichever is set), and posted
articles will use that server name in the Path:, Message-ID:, and
X-Trace: headers.

    Note that setting this parameter requires the server modify all
posts before presenting them to the client and therefore may decrease
performance slightly.

In addition, all of the following parameters are valid in ACCESS groups
and override the global setting in inn.conf.  See inn.conf(5) for the
descriptions of these parameters:  [...] domain [...].

It is different from INN.CONF:


    This should be the domain name of the local host.  It should not have
a leading period, and it should not be a full host address.  It is used
only if the GetFQDN() routine in libinn(3) cannot get the fully-qualified
domain name by using either the gethostname(3) or gethostbyname(3) calls.
The check is very simple; if either routine returns a name with a period
in it, then it is assumed to have the full domain name.  As this parameter
is rarely used, do not use it to affect the righthand side of autogenerated
Message-IDs; see instead virtualhost and domain in readers.conf(5).
The default value is unset.

I hope it can help.

Julien ÉLIE

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