INN virtualhost in readers.conf

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sat Jun 21 14:40:11 UTC 2008

Hi David,

> but is there any solution to set it directly in inn.conf? i mean message-id
> to show domain i provide instead of those get using FQDN ?

I do not think it is possible.
You should set pathhost: for your feeds with innd.
As for nnrpd, the second part of the Message-ID is generated with that:

    if ((domain != NULL && innconf->domain == NULL) ||
    (domain != NULL && innconf->domain != NULL
         && strcmp(domain, innconf->domain) != 0)) {
    p = domain;
    } else {
    if ((p = GetFQDN(domain)) == NULL)
        return NULL;

so if you do not put domain: in readers.conf, it will not work ("domain" is
PERMaccessconf->domain here, that is to say the domain: parameter in readers.conf
if not overriden by domain: in inn.conf but in that case, it must be different).

> I want to use it globaly on INN not only for specific access groups in
> readers.conf

It is not difficult to add a domain: parameter in readers.conf :-)

Otherwise, you can just patch your own lib/genid.c to do that.  Also easy,
according to the excerpt above.

Julien ÉLIE

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