Draft of INN 2.4.5 announcement

Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Fri Jun 27 06:01:38 UTC 2008


Here is what I suggest.
In case you notice a mistake or something to add/change, please tell me.

If there are Python users of nnrpd hooks here, could you please update to INN 2.4.5
and see whether everything is fine with your scripts?  (especially those using
more than two readers.conf python_(auth|access|dynamic): parameters)

The testing release is still here:


Subject: [ANNOUNCE] INN 2.4.5 available

Internet Systems Consortium is pleased to announce that a new bug-fix
release of INN is available at:


The MD5 checksum of this release is:


A PGP signature and a patch from 2.4.4 to 2.4.5 are available in the same

This is a bug-fix release over 2.4.4.  Upgrading an existing INN 2.4.4
installation is as simple as building INN 2.4.5, running make update, and
restarting innd and related programs.

Changes from 2.4.4 to 2.4.5

    * Fixed the "alarm signal" around "SSL_read" in nnrpd:  it allows a
      proper disconnection of news clients which were previously hanging
      when posting an article through a SSL connection.  Moreover, the
      *clienttimeout* parameter now works on SSL connections.  Thanks to
      Matija Nalis for the patch.

    * SO_KEEPALIVE is now implemented for SSL TCP connections on systems
      which support it, allowing system detection and closing the dead TCP
      SSL connections automatically after system-specified time.  Thanks to
      Matija Nalis for the patch.

    * Fixed a segmentation fault when an article of a size greater than
      remaining stack is retrieved via SSL.  Thanks to Chris Caputo for this

    * Fixed a few segfaults and bugs which affected both Python innd and
      nnrpd hooks.  They no longer check the existence of methods not used
      by the hooked script.  An issue with Python exception handling was
      also fixed, as well as a segfault fixed by Russ Allbery which happened
      whenever one closes and then reopens Python in the same process.
      Julien Elie also fixed a bug when reloading Python filters (they were
      not always correctly reloaded) and a segfault when generating access
      groups with embedded Python filters for nnrpd.  Many thanks to David
      Hlacik for its bug reports.

    * The nnrpd.py stub file in order to test Python nnrpd hooks, as
      mentioned in their documentation, is now installed; only INN.py was
      previously installed in *pathfilter*.  Also fixed a bug in INN.py and
      add missing methods to it.

    * Fixed a long-standing bug in innreport which prevented it from
      correctly reporting nnrpd and innfeed log messages.

    * Fixed a compilation problem on some platforms because of AF_INET6
      which was not inside a HAVE_INET6 block in innfeed.

    * Fixed a bug in innfeed which contained thrice the same IPs for each
      peer; it unnecessarily slowed the peer IP rotation for innfeed.
      Thanks, D. Stussy, for having seen that.  Miquel van Smoorenburg
      provided the patch.

    * A new *heavily* improved version of pullnews is shipped with this INN
      release.  This new version is provided by Geraint Edwards.  He added
      no more than 16 flags, fixed some bugs and integrated the backupfeed
      contrib script by Kai Henningsen, adding again 6 other flags.  A
      long-standing but very minor bug in the -g option was especially fixed
      and items from the to-do list implemented.  Many thanks again to
      Geraint Edwards.

    * New headers are accessible through Perl and Python innd filtering
      hooks.  You will find the exact list in the INN Python Filtering and
      Authentication Hooks documentation (doc/hook-python) and in Python
      samples.  Thanks to Matija Nalis for this addition of new useful

    * New samples for Python nnrpd hooks are shipped with INN:
      nnrpd_access.py for access control and nnrpd_dynamic.py for dynamic
      access control.  The nnrpd_auth.py script is now only used for
      authorization control.  See the readers.conf man page for more
      information (especially the *python_auth*, *python_access* and
      *python_dynamic* parameters).  The documention about INN Python
      Filtering and Authentication Hooks has also been improved by Julien

INN is discussed on <inn-workers at isc.org>.  You may also submit bug
reports to <inn-bugs at isc.org> and patches to <inn-patches at isc.org>.


Julien ÉLIE

« Alea iacta est, comme je dis toujours. » (César)

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