Bug#486069: perl: embedding perl hangs on hppa without PERL_SYS_INIT3() since 5.10.0

Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Sat Jun 28 19:37:58 UTC 2008

Hi Russ,

>> I do not know whether PERL_SYS_INIT3() is in Perl 5.004_03 (as INN is said
>> to compile with it).
> Hm, yeah, it may not be around before Perl 5.8, even.  You could try
> checking with #ifdef before calling it, since the capital letters would
> imply it's a macro.

All right.  It works fine with #ifdef.

>>    /* We can't call 'eval' and 'do' directly for some reason, so we define
>>       some wrapper functions to give us access. */
> I wish I could remember all the investigation I did of this at some point.
> I figured out what the problem was and how to fix it, and then I didn't
> write it down.  :/

Cleanfeed is working fine (innd filter) but nnrpd filters does not.
When I send an article, there is no answer:  my news reader keeps waiting.
And if I stop posting the article, it is suddenly processed by nnrpd and
correctly posted (but my news reader still has it in its "items to send").

>> +        /* The Perl expression which will be evaluated. */
>> +        asprintf(&evalfile, "do %s", startupfile);
> You need some quoting here of the file and in any other similar place.
> That may be the problem.

That was indeed a problem.  The filter is now correctly embedded:

    Jun 28 21:00:49 news innd: SERVER Python filtering enabled

(Perl does a "eval { do 'filter_innd.pl' };" if I understand well the structure.)

> I'm not *sure* on this, but this possibly should be perl_eval_pv to be
> safer (although either probably works).  I don't remember exactly how the
> namespacing works when embedding.

They say:

  Tells Perl to eval the given string and return an SV* result.
  NOTE: the perl_ form of this function is deprecated.

But probably I should put perl_eval_pv for backward compatibility with previous
Perl versions.

+        asprintf(&evalfile, "eval undef &%s", function);
+        eval_pv(evalfile, TRUE);

It might be changed to only "undef &%s" because eval_pv does the evaluation I think.
But the posting issue is still here with that change.

Julien ÉLIE

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