Failure in inn-STABLE-20080629

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sun Jun 29 17:54:26 UTC 2008

Hi The Doctor,

Thanks for your report.
Do you do daily autocompilation?

> /usr/source/inn-STABLE-20080629/lib/perl.o: In function `PERLsetup':
> /usr/source/inn-STABLE-20080629/lib/perl.c:131: undefined reference to `asprintf'
> /usr/source/inn-STABLE-20080629/lib/perl.o: In function `PERLreadfilter':
> /usr/source/inn-STABLE-20080629/lib/perl.c:181: undefined reference to `asprintf'
> /usr/source/inn-STABLE-20080629/lib/perl.c:197: undefined reference to `asprintf'

It is true that there is no asprintf provided with INN 2.4, sorry!

I replaced asprintf with snprintf like that:

         char *evalfile = NULL;
+        size_t length;

        /* The Perl expression which will be evaluated. */
-        asprintf(&evalfile, "do '%s'", startupfile);
+        length = strlen("do '%s'") + strlen(startupfile);
+        evalfile = xmalloc(length);
+        snprintf(evalfile, length, "do '%s'", startupfile);

With the trailing '\0' in evalfile by snprintf, the count is good.

Julien ÉLIE

« Aliud est celare, aliud tacere. » 

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