Mailing lists issues

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sat Nov 15 22:33:43 UTC 2008


It looks as though inn-patches@ has become a moderated mailing-list.
I received a mail saying that one of my post is waiting for moderator approval.
(The web interface mentions that my address is well subscribed.)

According to <>,
inn-patches@ and inn-bugs@ are open posting.
However inn-workers@ is restricted to members only (was it really the case?).

By the way, I have a problem with inn-committers@:  I still haven't received
mails for commits 8157 to 8160, after the migration of the mailing-lists.

Julien ÉLIE

« Le travail, c'est le refuge des gens qui n'ont rien
  de mieux à faire. » (Oscar Wilde)

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