[ISC-Ops #22132] Mailing lists issues

Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Sun Nov 16 08:46:30 UTC 2008

Hi Dan,

>> It looks as though inn-patches@ has become a moderated mailing-list.
>> I received a mail saying that one of my post is waiting for moderator approval.
>> (The web interface mentions that my address is well subscribed.)
> Okay, I've just found the problem -- this has been fixed.

Thanks.  It works fine.
(I had to resend my previous message -- I do not know who are the moderators
of inn-patches.)

>> By the way, I have a problem with inn-committers@:  I still haven't received
>> mails for commits 8157 to 8160, after the migration of the mailing-lists.
> I'll look into this.  Let me search through some logs.  Did they make it
> into the list archives?

No, they did not.  I did not receive them and the list archives are still empty:


By the way, there is another problem with inn-workers:


The list never received this message:


whose headers (not in the archives) mention:

To: inn-bugs at isc.org, inn-core at isc.org, inn-patches at isc.org,
 inn-workers at isc.org, inn-users at isc.org, inn-bugs at isc.org
Subject: ISC launches new website and  mailing list  manager

What are inn-core and inn-users?  (I tried to write a message to these mail addresses
yesterday but received no answer)
inn-bugs and inn-patches received the message (once for inn-bugs, which is normal).
Nonetheless, inn-workers did not (maybe because of moderation -- but when will the message
be delivered?).  The same goes for the message I am currently answering.

Julien ÉLIE

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